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Simple Jones Jovilabe Planispheric Astrolabe Zodiac Orrery Troughton Replica
Simple Jones Jovilabe Planispheric Astrolabe Zodiac Orrery Troughton Replica


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Jovilabe, Lunarium,Tellurian

item No. 21

MODEL Specifications
“Jovilabe- Lunarium- Tellurian”
Mars 1.8809
Earth years
Earth 365-1/4 days per year

Includes a two speed gear box.
Etc etc,
Full specs on request

COMMENTS & DIMENSIONS {in centimeters}

After the work of W.Pearson a fully working 3 dimensional model showing the moons of Jupiter rotating in their correct periods around the planet { in fact a small orrery using 11 gears and pinions}
Earth turns on its axis once a day at the turn of the handle
Moons nodes rise and fall and regress in 18.6 years full gearing out to Saturn with over 60 gears pinions and wheels Space required is 60 cm {for the arms to move through} weight is 20kg can also be mounted in the style of the W.Jones inside a brass drum on legs
Galileo was the first to suggest using the Jovian moons to determine longitude.


Jovilabe close up of Planets and Gearing

Jovilabe close up of Gearing

Jovilabe Orrery made by Brian Greig



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